Tailor- course / a big success

With a lot of struggle and devotion pupils could learn a lot of tailoring. They made nice handcrafts, but they have to learn even more.  The teacher  asked for the possibility to extend the project for more 2 months. Then the women will be able to get more practise and use their knowledge for cutting and sewing clothes professionally. As it is praxis in our homes to learn sewing and handcrafted fabrics from our mothers, we hope that african mothers also will be able to show their children to do this.

The PROFESSOR of  this first course told us, that the participants liked the course very much and eulogized the diligence and dedication. In Africa women usually are the part of the population that is less privileged. Every learning is important to get a better life.

Here You my read the statement of some of the pupils:

MAIMUNA, unmarried: “I am very glad because now I am able to make a lot of handcrafts that I can sell for earning money. The money I will use also for paying the school for my sister.”

NAZARÉ, teenager: “The Lord may bless all those persons firsthand and mediately helping to put into practice the project.”

ROBANIA, married: “We would like to make  a typically African dress for You when visiting us next time !”

JANETE, single mother: “We have no words to express our gratefulness for what You did for us. We are now able to make a lot of things, also the uniforms for the pupils. Unfortunately we had to stop because of the leck of material, that costs a lot.”

ELSA, single mother: “I do not only want to make the things for my own but I want the african women to become more conscious of their rol in the society. They shall not only raise their children, but also help to develope the region where they live, so that all get a better life; take responsibility !!”

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