Help for refugees from Ukraine

Recently we got a letter from Freitas-family asking for donations for the refugees from Ukraine. The famili pretend to travel to Poland near the border to Ukraine to help people there.

See the letter, they sent to our organisation


The peace of the Lord be with you!

We are the Freitas family, full-time missionaries in Slovenia since 2019, in community with the guidelines of the “Association Christian Direction” (, whose task is to mobilize Christians of different nations and cultures, people with the same vision to lead children and young people on the path of God’s love to a life that also promotes the talents and possibilities of each individual and in the community on ethical principles. We walk “in the shoes of the fisherman”.

Every day we receive a flood of emails from our missionary friends

from Poland, Romania and Moldova, all of which share borders with Ukraine.

What is happening there requires our attention and action.

The situation there is as follows:

1. Thousands of women arrive at the mission bases, some with small children, teenagers and even babies in their arms, alone as they have had to part with their husbands who stayed in Ukraine to fight against the invading Russians.

2. Given the vulnerability of these women and children, there is also a risk of international mafia trafficking in children and sexual exploitation.

3. In the care of the large number of small children, the supply of food, diapers and medical material is becoming increasingly precarious.

4. The mission bases on the borders are overcrowded with women, children and the elderly who expect a little rest, help and peace there.

5. Many children have also arrived as orphans.

In the coming week we want to advance with a team to the border between Poland and the Ukraine. We also take experts who know how to prevent international child trafficking and sexual exploitation.

We call on all people who identify with the kingdom of God to provide us with supplies and money so that we can provide as much help as possible in the form of food and hygiene items for the displaced Ukrainian families.

Guide to help:

ACD Association of Christian Leadership

IBAN: AT 123837 4000 0004 3075


Raiffeisenbank St. Stefan-Jagerberg-Wolfsberg eGen

Below is the itinerary of our project:

Departure from Slovenia




Departure from Slovakia




Border with Ukraine


Departure from Poland




Arrival in Slovenia