02.01.2021 Jaco = Samuel


Genesis: 29 And Jacob cooked a dish. Esau came from the field and was exhausted.

30 And Esau said to Jacob, Let me swallow the red [dish] down there, for I am exhausted. Hence the name Edom was given to it

31 And Jacob said, Sell me this day your birthright

32 And Esau said to Jacob, Behold, I must die; what should the birthright mean for me?

33 Jacob said, Swear to me this day. And he swore to him and thus sold Jacob his birthright.

34 Jacob gave Esau bread and the lentil dish. And he ate and drank and got up and went away. So Esau despised the birthright.

But when Esau became aware of what he had lost and wanted to look for his brother, who had fled in the meantime, and hold him accountable, Jacob got scared and sent his family away to meet Esau alone. Jacob was in great distress and wondered how he could come to an agreement with Esau in peace.

God intended for Jacob to help him if he turned to Him. Jacob had not yet felt an encounter with God, God was just something unknown, nebulous, a theory, not a personal encounter for him.

It is the same with ourselves. As long as we do not have a personal encounter with God, everything remains as in a dream, without experience, without practice. It takes our personal experience with God, we have to go further so that God manifests himself directly in our lives. God told Jacob to get up and walk on, not stop, not with a plan in mind, but in reality. Many of our plans are in the head, we don’t know how they will develop, what will happen. Just as God expected Jacob to change, so he also expects us to change. We have to face our problems, God helps us, He encourages us to stand up and go forward, not to stand still.

It is a physical, moral, and spiritual struggle to change.

The angel of the Lord said to Jacob: I will not leave you without giving you the Lord’s blessing. With this personal encounter, Jacob’s life changed completely. He left his old life behind. He met his brother with gifts to document his good intentions. He wanted to show that he came in peace, that he wanted to leave his evil behind.

If it wasn’t for the hand of God touching us, there would be no change in us, we would remain in misery. With Jakob this even led to a change of his name: from JAKOB to ISRAEL.

We feel it clearly when we are filled with God, morally, physically and spiritually.

Genesis 28: 20 And Jacob made a vow, saying, When God will be with me and keep me in the way that I am going, and give me bread to eat and put on clothes

21 and bring me home to my Father in peace, the Lord shall be my God;

22 and this stone, which I have set up as a memorial stone, shall become a house of God; and of all that you give me, I will certainly give you tithing!

Let us ask the Lord to guide us, let us be generous, let us give to the Lord, and give to those who need our help. Let us ask for the grace of the Lord, for his protection, for his mercy.