India – May 2021

Cenilda sent a letter :

Grace and peace pastors and brethren of the ACD I praise God for the lives of each one of you.Through your offerings and prayers our children have been assisted. We received an offer for children of widows in the amount of 1,276 reais in your account for the children of widows in India.
Thank you for your loyalty and love. See the distribution photos in two places. Agra and Bhind.
May Jesus our Lord bless you and keep you from all harm.
In India many children disappear daily, are kidnapped, enslaved, others are sold by a close relative, many are trafficked. They are sex slaves, they will work in construction and will be used to beg in the streets.
Mafias, powerful men and women who act with a lot of evil, to destroy our children…
We have developed a work with children giving them the opportunity to study and have a better life in the future. They don’t need to break stones for a plate of white rice or Indian bread (1 roti) a day, but they are taken on the path of love of Jesus.