Annual General Assembly 2015

Last month, on the 18th of Oktober 2015 , ACD  organized its Annual General Assembly.

1.) Irani Marbler welcomed  members and visitors of the meeting.

2.) The postal address of the Association was changed to:

Grazerstraße 31

8083  St. Stefan im Rosental

telephone:  0650 57 05 814

3.) The ACD is to be incorporated in “Igreja Apostóloca International Novo Tempo” (IANT), also with the name ” Ministério Apostólico International New Times” (AINT)

4.) Mr. Franz Marbler spoke about the financial situation.

5.) Members of ACD became indorsed, exept the vice-president, Mrs. Daniela Lima.

The new vice- president will be  Mrs. Rosangela Villalba de Rejnders, Idlhofgasse 61, 8020 GRAZ

6.) Program forecast 2016

a) Evening for question time  ( June – July 2016)   taking place in Volksmission

b) Cornfeast – at the farm of Marbler

c) Feast in autumn at Marbler`s

d) Journey to Romania for charity program

e) Informations in churches