Congress of worshippers – 21./22.09.2018




Day: 21. and 22/09/2018

21/09 – Friday


09:30h – Introduction / lergy Irani Marbler

09:40h – Prayer: Fátima

10:00h – Song: Diaconisa Tania

10:35h –:Prayer: David / Preach: Clergy Adriana

11:25h – Offering

11:40h – Song: Diaconisa Tania

12:00h – Break


13:30h – Introduction of the association  ACD  with a film of the last 3 years

14:00h – Prayer: Lorena

14:20h – Praise: Pastorin Adriana

14:50h – Prayer: Evangelist Stefan / Preach: Missionar Nohemy


15:40h – Offering

15:50h – Song: Pastorin Adriana

16:15h – Interval


17:15h –  Introduction/ Clergy Irani Marbler

17:45h – Prayer: Evangelist Stefan

18:05h – Worship: Evangelist Stefan

18:40h – Prayer: Pastor David / Preacher: Pastor Kai

19:30h – Offering

19:40h – Praise: Evangelist Stefan

20:00h – End

Obs: Possible changing in the will of Holy Spirit.

22/09 – Saturday


09:30h – Introduktion / Pastora Irani Marbler

09:40h – Prayer: Maety

10:00h – Praise: Elke

10:30h – Prayer: Missionar Alessandra Franco / Preacher: Pastor Romualdo Franco

11:20h – Sacrifice

11:30h – Praise: Elke

12:00h – Break


13:30h – Introduction/ Pastora Irani Marbler – Kindertanz

14:45h – Prayer: Missionar Eva

15:05h – Praise/song: Missionária Nohemy

15:35h – Prayer: Missionar Eva / Preacher: Pastor João

15:25h – Offering

15:35h – Praise: Missionária Nohemy

16:00h – End

We also listened to the statement of pastor David  about his work with refugees from Nigeria. As Jesus told us to love all persons and help where help is needed, pastor David gives his love to the young persons inspite of they are believing in Mohammed. Pastor David shows them how a good man behaves and tries to live the love of Jesus between the boys muçulmanos. He helps them learning german language, plays football with them and tells them about Jesus. Some of them could be convinced that Jesus is also loving them and converted to christian faith. As Jesus told us to bring His word to every volks pastor David is one of the persons who takes this commandment as his assignment. We wish him much strenght and possibility to do his work as Jesus had told him to do.