28.11.2020 Daniel

Daniel trusts in God. He lives as a displaced person in the midst of a society that does not live by the rules to which he is used. His enemies do not want him to be faithful to the Lord. But Daniel made the decision to follow Jesus. Our decisions should also be directed towards God. Daniel was a man of prayer, a man who consecrated his life to God, he did not allow anything to disturb his love for God.

We are the Church of God, no matter if the world wants to disrupt our connection to God, we must not allow it to succeed. No matter what problems we have – we must not let the connection to God be interrupted .

Daniel is thrown into the lions’ den, a hole in the ground into which lions were let into through a passage as the name suggests. Who haven’t had anything to eat for a long time. A stone is placed over it and it is sealed, and that was that for Daniel. At least in theory. The king cannot sleep all night, he still has that last glimmer of hope that this God, whom Daniel serves so ceaselessly, can still do something. In the early morning, the stone can be removed again – and a lively Daniel sits in the pit. He was innocent, so God sent an angel to shut the lions’ mouths. And in fact, it is taken out as quickly as possible and has no scratches. Darius has proclaimed throughout the land what a great God the Lord, the God of Daniel, is.

Daniel knew that God is a living, kind God. He trusted him so much that he put his life in the hands of God in the lions’ den. This is Daniel’s unshakable faith, his firmness, his loyalty, his courage and his determination with which he puts himself into the hands of God.

What do we do when we are in need? When everything around us is dark and scary? When the light is missing? Prayer is the help in need. Prayer, trust, hope in God gives us the confidence that the light of God will shine for us again. When everyone leaves us – the Lord is with us. Let us thank the Lord for every day! The Lord will set us free, only through the love of the Lord who died for us on the cross will we be redeemed, set free. The Lord saved Daniel from the lion’s den; he will also send his angels to us. Let us pray to our Savior !!

Even if we do not always experience immediate rescue from need, we still know about the comforting presence of our Lord himself. “Even when I wandered in the valley of the shadow of death, I fear nothing evil, for you are with me” (Ps 23: 4) .