Philippenses 4: 6-7

6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, through prayer and supplication, and with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. 7 And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus.

……. But what happens when the people – the new generation – know nothing about God? Today, even children of Christians do not know anything about Jesus Christus, Holy Spirit and God. When someone talks about god, young people think of Buddha, different gods, Mohammed, but not Jesus Christ. We need to be concerned about this generation, because parents do not speak about the Lord Jesus Christ. We need to bring the truth of Jesus to these young people !!

But always among many, there will be those, who know about eternal life, who know the Lord. Already the prophet Isaias said: The Lord always has those, who remained, he has a legion of followers, even when a person thinks, that he is alone. You continue to protect the one who, as the only one in a group, remained in your path. Those who have overcome all evil, receive the Lord’s salvation.

The account of Isaiah’s call to prophesy is one of the most extraordinary recorded in the Old Testament. At the time, Isaiah had a vision of God’s throne, and contemplated seraphim who proclaimed God’s holiness. Isaiah said, “I am a man of unclean lips” (Isaiah 6: 5). But one of the seraphim touched his mouth with a live coal and purified him. The prophet Isaiah’s message mixed reproaches and announcements of curses for the people’s infidelity, with comfort and hope for the future restoration. Thus, the prophet Isaiah preached about the importance of faithfulness to the Lord. That is to say, we need to remain firm, even when we suffer mistreatment and contempt.

Today we are free to preach, but in many public places, it is also inappropriate to talk about Jesus. There are countries where people suffer because they are Christians. The prophets also remained steadfast in the way of Jesus, even in the valley of Rephaim, southwest of Jerusalem, in the valley of the giants, where the Philistines had taken a stand. Alas, having obtained divine guidance, David led his army against the Philistines and obtained a complete victory over them. This shows, that god is always with those, that “remain” trusting him.

Satanas always wants to dissuade man away from God. But there are people who put themselves in front of god, they stand firm in the way.

A line of strong people passes from the Old Testament to Abraham – it’s called the Camanhada da Fé –

We ask ourselves: is it that I do everything wrong? Seeking the help of the Holy Spirit will lead us to the right path.! God promised to get us out of the well, just like he did Joseph. Joseph was thrown into the well by his brothers for having dreamed of the future and because he received a colorful robe from his father, God began to build his life, from the bottom José came out, …

Mose for example was prepared for 40 years in the palace and 40 years in the desert to get its people out of there. Many gave up, but Joshua and Caleb stayed together and said to Moses: there are certainly adversities, but God will lift us out of misery and provide freedom. God protected the people because of those who remained in the Lord’s way.

We ask God to free us from adversity and problems, let us be firm in the faith !! Even when we think of being alone, at the bottom of the well, in the middle of the desert, on the rocky path, – God has a battalion, who fights for Him, we are never alone.

We are in a time when there seems to be no interest in Jesus – – don’t you need it? Many young people have an empty interior, they don’t know what to fill in – they use drugs, they don’t care about Jesus – it’s our duty to talk and tell about Jesus !! We, the Lord’s faithful people, must instruct those who do not know that they are thirsty – thirst for the living water that is Jesus. Let’s talk about Jesus, let’s not let the enemy challenge the Lord’s legacy. Each of us is responsible !!