Mai 2018 – Anna`s Birthday

A very close friend of clergy Irani had birthday, and therefore Irani invited her to her home tfor celebration. Ms Anna lives in St.Stefan/Rosental, the village, where Irani also is living and both are good friends for a long time. Ms Anna is 89 years old and is living in her house with son, daughter in law and grandson. She is very interested in the projects of the ACD-association and in spite of having a very small penson is always helping with small amounts of money giving to the projects.

Mr. Alois, also an old man with more than 90 years, has usufruct from the help that Irani gives to him. Coming out of hospital after a very severe surgery of kidney stones Irani and her husband gave him acomodation and assistence in their own house and so he could recover well.

Our holy Lord taught us: “When 2 or 3 are together in my name, I am between them!”  In the mood of this saying the celebration of Anna´s birthday also was a celebration of the believing that the Lord is with us, He allowed Anna to become so old and live with a nice family, nice friends and embedded in the believe in God.

The 2nd secretary aloso joined the meeting and Irani excelled herself in cooking an excellente birthday-meal. Two different birthday-caces were also on the table to becut and tasted by the birthday-child.

As members of the ACD-society we wish Ms. Anna good luck, health, peace, the blessing of our Lord and good friends. She my remain this nice woman she is and the Holy Spirit may enlighten her heart.