Irani celebrates her 65th birthday

“I dream of a world where people can live together humanely; from a time when no one is fighting the other, because everyone is looking in the same direction; from a world that has room for everyone. I dream of a time in which sharing is more important than having; from a world that is no longer obsessed, exploited, destroyed; from a time when everyone has a chance, because there is nobody who envy them. I dream of a new world – I can not build it – but the first step, my step, I can do. “

True generosity means doing something good for someone who will never know.

I invite you to my 65th birthday party.

On this occasion, I do not want any presents or flowers, but if someone wants to give me a present, then I look forward to support for our association and its current project: the purchase of instruments and the music lessons of needy children in Guanambí, Bahia, Brazil , More about this project – as well as other projects of the association – you will also learn during the celebration.

The celebration takes place on 10.08.2019 from 10 and until 21 o’clock
in the parish hall St. Stefan im Rosental,
Parkring 7, 8083 Sankt Stefan im Rosental.

The program for the celebration can be found on the next page of this invitation.
I look forward to your numerous appearance!



no Pfarrsaal St. Stefan im Rosental,

Parkring 7, 8083 Sankt Stefan im Rosental.

Você pode encontrar o programa da festa na próxima página deste convite.

Espero poder contar com a sua presença!

Irani Marbler

(0043 650 570 5814 || 0043 664 993 7440)

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