Corn- party on 8th of August

Clergy Irani has birthday, on the same day we invite to corn-party.

Come to St.Stefan im Rosental!

We celebrate the corn festival and at the same time it is the birthday on this day
of clergy Irani Marbler, who will attend this celebration in the house of her
You can enjoy the most delicious corn dishes and
delicacies from Austrian and Brazilian cuisine.
We thank God for the rich harvest and for giving us your friendship
consider. We owe everything that grows and thrives to him, praising labor with our hands
we the Lord, with our prayers we thank Him.
Lord, give us strength to manage your creation in your sense,
strengthen us in faith and do not let us despair of what we do not
succeed what you don’t want to send us yet, what you do in your
kindness has long been prepared for us, but the time is not there to get it
to give us. You determine the time when you hear our requests
– often we come to the realization that we are asking for something
that is not important for our advancement in faith – that’s why
we probably didn’t get it either. We thank you because
You give us a lot, give us richer gifts than we actually deserve.
You know about our worries and needs, you help us in ours
weakness. We realize that falling is not important
but getting up again and again. In it, Lord, strengthen us! That we
get up again after our falls and mistakes and to the full
hearts say, “Lord, here I am! Take me at your service! ”