ACD helps suffering Nepalesians

The ACD association has donated 500.00 Euros through the MCM association in order to be able to buy food in Nepal that was particularly hard hit by the corona pandemic.

(The MCM is an association dedicated to spreading the name of Jesus. It cares for those who do not enjoy the rights of the judiciary in their country, combats human trafficking, leads misused and sexually exploited children to a decent life, helps with food donations in famine, helps to build wells to give people access to clean water.)

PS. Kalpana sent mail from Nepal:

Respected Ps Irani

Greeetings and love from Nepal. I hope and pray everything is

well with You all in health with the grace of our living Lord.

I have specially written this mail to thank You for the efforts You

have made, for Your kind heart for the needy and helpless all

around the world. The funds You have sent NPR 67.500/ – was

wisely utilized for the following purpose which has been explained

before in the files mentioned below.

I cannot thank PS. Vinicius enough for the love, care, efforts and

support and this friendship brought with the love of Christ.

I have attached some fotos from the distribution and also some

previous distribution with may be helpful for the supporters.

Thank You again for Your love, care and support. I pray and thank

the Lord for this wonderful family he has made us through his grace.

Always in our prayers,

in his service

Ps. Kalpana Bk

GCCF, Nepal