Kolossians 1
That is why we keep on talking to God about you since the day we heard about you. We ask him that you may know everything he wants you to do. We ask him that you may be very wise and that the Spirit will help you to understand.

10 We ask him that you will live the way the Lord wants you to live, so that you will please him in everything you do. We ask that you will do everything that is good. We ask that you will see the fruit from what you do. We ask that you will know more and more about God.

11 God has wonderful power. And we ask him to give you all the strength you need to go through all your troubles, to be very patient in them, and to be happy.

12 Thank the Father who has made us ready to be with the people of God who live in his light.

13 He has set us free from the kingdom where it is dark. And he has put us into the kingdom where his dear Son rules.

14 Because of his Son, we are set free and the wrong things we have done are forgiven.