Meeting of “Virtuous women”

The Gospel and its grace is to everyone of us like dawn, that rises after an obscure night, the light, that invades the darkness of the ignorance of false thinking, the salvation that erasures anxiousness and despair. Spreading the gospel all over the world the Lord liberates us from the arch and helps the suppressed persons. The overwhelming love of god changes the lifes of his members, may they be rich or poor, near or far. The truth changes humans – people  chosen from god help each other when they bring them faith – the truth changes, therefore we finally reach the eternal life, that the Lord promised to us from the beginning – He is the truth, he does not lie.

Next Saturday we meet – we, the vitorious women – followers in the faith to Jesus, to prais and worship to him.

Volksmission, Rosengasse 16, Graz / fone us to know more: 0043- 650 570 58 14