11.11.2017 Believe without seeing

Reading the gospels we are able to learn about how  Jesus is constantly preoccupied with us. He teaches us how to believe and comply, how gods willing is comforting and perfect. Jesus had chosen John, Matthew, Marcos and Luke to write down what He was doing and speaking during His staying on eath. Therefore we, the followers of Him, may know and understand what is gods willing. We can read in the Bible and believe, even when Christus is not between us any more and we cannot see him personally. “Blessed are those who have not seen and (yet) have believed”.

Why is it so difficult to believe, when we cannot see in what we should believe? In our everyday life we believe in things that are incredible. For example – how is it possible that an airoplane moves in the air with such a huge weight ? How can the microwave oven heat the milk without fire? We do not know how these things are working but we believe that they work – the airoplane brings us from Europe to America, the microwave oven heats our milk or other food.

And God?  Why is it so difficult to believe in Him without seeing Him ? ? ?

The prayer is the connection to our Lord, it  “heats” us up and  helps us, to feel Him. When we are not “burning” we cannot believe, we cannot make others believe. It is the same when You show someone the microwave oven and want to heat the mik, but the oven is not connected to the electricity, the milk remains cold and your visiter will be disapointed and no more believe in you.

Energy is always necessary. To heat the oven, to convince others to believe, to do the work, etc.

Jesus always reminds us to pray, to connect our heart with Him. The Holy Spirit is the one to help us.

Read John: 4:28-30, 39-42