Meeting on 16th of January 2016

The second meeting in this New Year we celebrated in union and love of our Savior. Reading the Bible, praying and being together gives uns the strenghts we need to stay our dayly difficulties.

Often we are caugt in our sorrows, weakness and poverty in spirit, but our faith will help us !!

Bible: John 11:1-44   Jesus called Lazaro and he appeared – came out of the grave. The sister of Lazaro did not believe and spoke to Jesus: “He is already decomposing – after 3 days lying there”

But as we believe , in God nothing is impossible.

The question we have to ask is, what about our “stones”, that impede to get along ? ? Often we lose patience when praying to receive something and it does not come at once – but remember: the time of God is another one of that we have. Therefore don´t be impatient and  b e l i e v e –  and You will get, what You want.

“But even if You should suffer because of righteousness, You will be blessed”