13. 05. 2017 Congress for men

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Last Saturday men of Graz-Austria participated in the congress with clergy Romualdo Franco at Volksmission Rosengasse.

Clergy Romualdo: ” I am very glad to have fulfilled one more step of the mission that I am allowed to make in company with clergy Irani Marbler. I thank our Lord for this chance and for all the benefits He provides in my life”.


Children sang and danced to worship our Lord:



Some of the participants:


Clergy Irani and  clergy Romualdo:18485992_1303894783059945_8667859878239710862_n

Some notes –  what happened before the event:

Clergy Romualdo had already arrived in Austria and sends the following words to the  Christian community :

In the bible we can read: And Jesus kept increasing in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men. (Luke 2:52) Therefore we also have to increase in wisdom and spiritually to receive the grace of the Lord and God´s blessing and to be in united with our sisters and brothers.

pastor Romualdo em Feldbach