29.06.2019 Baptism

We  celebrated the baptism of a new member of our community.


The lake named Röcksee wase the place of celebration. This lake is near Misselsdorf, a small village in the district of Radkersburg, Styria.

Baptism is the personal, public identification with god, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. During  baptism the person is washed clean outside and inside, it becomes a new person, directed to god, willingly to fulfil the commandments of our Lord. The old man is washed away, a new man rises out of the the water. Wearing a white garment is also a sign of  purity.


Go and make followers in all nations of the world, baptise men and women in the name of  Father, Son and Holy Spirit ….   Matthew 28:19

Praise onto the Lord :

Every creature praise our Lord and Savior !! He is the only one who can give us pure love and eternal peace.


After celebrating the baptism all members of the comunity reunited.