10.10.2020 spirit of love

2 Timothy 1: 5

I remember the undisputed faith in you, which first lived in your grandmother Lois and your mother Eunike and of course in you too. For the sake of this cause I remind you to stir up the gift of grace which is also in you after the laying on of my hands, for God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of strength and love and discipline.

When Paul wanted to find a successor because he wanted to start his missionary journey, the Lord advised him to choose Timothy. But this one was the least noticed among other believers, he himself did not believe in himself and his strengths.

But Paul trusted Timothy, he gave him moral support, built him up, strengthened his self-confidence and acted like a father who encouraged his child. It all seemed very difficult for Timothy, he himself did not trust his capacity. In a family you find support and support, usually it is the father or mother who encourages the child, shows him what strengths he has, where he can improve, how he can gather and build up his strength. The family is the first instance in a person’s life in order to find himself and to recognize his talents.

So Paul looked at Timothy and gave him the necessary support, convinced him that he was the chosen one to follow Paul in the Lord’s vineyard, if one does not have a helping hand in the decisive phases of his life to show one the right way difficult to find.

Paul pointed out to Timothy the word of the Lord that could give him structure and support. He showed Timothy the divine dormant in him and encouraged him to dig up these hidden treasures. Fear and insecurity must be overcome through love, strength and discipline, for God has not given us a spirit of fear.

We also have to believe that the divine in us, the strength, the love, the discipline, give us support and structure in order to overcome the worldly. These powers are not carnal, but they are powerful. Have no fear, act in the strength that God has given you! In the community of believers we multiply these forces, together we confront evil with concentrated strength. The community of believers moves forward with love and strength and confidence in the name of the Lord, not looking to the sides, not left, not right, but straight ahead on the way to the Lord. The Lord acts in us, out of us, with him we succeed in everything, with him we move mountains. All fear falls away from us as we walk in the power of God. The Lord does everything in me. There is no other way to solve the problems than with the help of the Lord in the community and strength of the believing community, where each individual is a member of the body of the whole. Each member has its task and purpose, each acts according to its God-given talents. We must use these to grow in faith and walk the Lord’s path with confidence; we walk in the Lord’s power and nothing can shake us.