January 2017

Since 2002 the project URANDI is coordinated by clergy Irani. There are living 25 persons with special needings because of missing vision or hearing. A whole family of 10 persons celebrated at the beginning of the New Year the wedding of lady Maria Aparecida. A great pleasure to  bride and bridegroom was the presence of clergy Irani to whom Maria owes her education that she could get in the projece URANDI. Without this help she would not have become that smart and handsome girl she is now, because in Brazil persons with handycap have no chances – the government does not care for them and most of them live their lives in the streets as beggars. In the project handycapt persons have a decent life.

Hochzeit1bride Maria Aparecida and bridegroom Ada Lutos


15940489_950940615035955_3117962807617984256_nfamily an clergy Irani

Bild 3a

Bild 4a

bride and best man

Eintragungsigning the marriage contract

Hochzeit  m Irani

We wish them the help and blessing of our good Lord and may He always be besides their passes and nothing may bother their lives. The Holy Spirit may give them the strenghts to increase their love to each other and to the people in their vicinity.