God looks to “good intent”. But is the good intention alone good enough. No, because the bottom line is to “do” the right thing !!

Injuries to the heart mostly arise from misunderstood love. If I want to protect someone and therefore withhold important information from them, that is actually wrong. I have good intentions, but the way my good intentions are revealed to be wrong. The ends justify the means.

The first impulse we have is usually the decisive correct voice. First, our conscience declares clearly and openly what is right and what is wrong, what is right and what is bad. But then the voice is more and more covered by so-called arguments of reason. Our own reason is turned upside down and our desires and comforts are met. We try to justify bad actions, our minds become confused so that we no longer distinguish between right and wrong.

If you take e.g. targeting the current debate on euthanasia. It is clear from the heart that we must in no case end our God-given life ourselves and should not help any other person who would like to do this for himself. But then the rational consideration comes into play – yes, you don’t want to be a burden to anyone, you don’t want to suffer, you don’t want to see any other person suffer. But God gave us life with all the joys and sorrows so that we can manage and live it in his sense, suffering is also a part of life that has to be lived. !!

In politics, too, it does not help to “respect” the law — and not implement it. It has to be lived and done, it cannot be done without observing the paragraphs in which the law is drawn up. It is the same with divine law. The 10 Commandments are not only there to be read and known, but they must be actively carried out and obeyed.

Let us ask the Lord that he trains our reason, that he helps us to “do” the right thing, DOING is what counts, because good intent alone can never be enough!