20.08.2016 Compassion

Marcos 1:40:45

Jesus always liked to cure people. Each healing gives a special meaning to us nowadays, showing the never ending love to us. This text speakes about the healing of a man suffering from lepra and shows us how Jesus can heal physical illnesses and also spiritual illnesses.   In former times there were no possibilities to cure lepra – medicine was not developed. The persons suffering from lepra had no life with the other persons, they had been taken out of the village to die there lonely. Jesus touched the man and showed him his love –  compassion – and spoke: I want You to become cleen !

let us have a look into our own heart – are we able to have compassion? Would we give a hand to the man with lepra, would we devote ourselves to him?  In our times we are not asked for the healing of lepra, we are asked to give help to people who are suffering from various illnesses, especialmente spiritual illnesses. Compassion and love is the most important comandment Jesus gave to us. Are we able to do as he likes us to act ? Let us look around us – everywhere we can see suffering and unhappy persons. It is our duty as followers of Jesus Christ to look at these persons, to offer help to them, to embrace them and show the way to get out of earthly suffering and find the spiritual way to our Lord.