Report 20th of July 2018

Pastor Gomes sent us this letter:

Dear members of the association ACD, Graz, Austria

N/Ref: 0021 SESBC/2018

Bissau, 20th of July 2018

Subject: Report about project ACD-Austria

The leader of the association SBC-resow on fertil soil, greets the leaders of ACD-Austria with great reverence.

We send You the report about our work that we are performing with the financial help of Your apreciate association. We are very grateful and will give You every information requested.

Pastor Gomes, leader of SBC



Procect for education – this project gives children the opportunity to come to school and learn not only reading, writing, mathematics and social understanding, but gives them a solid base for their future life. Every child is welcome, independent of colour, religion or social status.

During the schoolyear that finished now (1017/1018),we had 545 pupils in 2 schools:

Elementary-school: 248 pupils, 31 left the school during the year, 183 got their diplom, 70 could not reach the level requested.

School named „Gabuzinho“ had 297 pupils at the beginning of the year, 69 left school, 102 got their diplom, 70 have to repeat the class.

Resume: from 545 pupils at the beginning of the year we had 100 leaving earlier, 375 with positive and 70 with negative results.

Inspite of great difficulties ethis project is a great help for the children, having no other possibility to get education. They also learn to be polite to each other, help mutualmenty and become better members of the comunity, also the spiritual and religious comunity.

It is a great pleasure to see the satisfaction and smile on the children´s faces.

This year we had 545 children in 2 schools with 11 classrooms, in the morning and also in the afternoon. The kindergarden was for children till the forth year of life, next year we want to extend the offer for 6 years old children.

A great problem is the extreme poverty of the parents of the pupils. They force the children to help harvesting cashew and therefore the kids cannot come to school, thea are tired when sitting listening lessons and the result is that they cannot reach the supposed level of the class. There is great need of enlightenment of the parents to understand how helpful education is for the future life of the children. Who knows more has a better life and is not only a servant. Step by step the parents are changing their minds.

Boys usually have to help on the field, the problem of the girls is the forced marriage in very young age.

Children often come to school without having eaten a breakfast. With empty stomage it is not easy to concentrate.

Anoteher problem is that the parents cannot afford even a small fee to pay for the teachers. Some teachers have a very smal income, some get only 30,00 Euos, they do the teaching also because of love for the children.

On 30th of July is the inscription for the next schoolyear.

This are the fotos from pupils at the end of schoolyear 2017/2018