End of school 2016 in Guinea Bissau

Schoolyear in Guinea Bissau ended with many happy pupils – those, who had successfully made their final-exams. Some had not learned enough and have to repeat the class next year. It is not so easy for the children to come to school because of financial difficulties. Also, when there is the harest of cashew-nuts, children are forced by their parents to help and than the schoolday is lost. An ethnik habit is common there in the reagion to promis 12year-old girls to a future bridegroom and give the girls to the home of their future “mother in law” to work for her.  Fortunately this habit is changing, but not yet erradicated.

With great pleasure the children got their school certificates to show to their parents.


71 children at the age of 3 – 7 years finished the first year of Kindergarden.

58  children hag good grades in the first class,  24 in the second class, 21 in the thord class and 12 in the forth class.

We congratulate them and hope, they will come at the beginning of the next school-year and study with enjoyment and enthusiasm – —it will help them to have a better life in future.



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