20.02.2021 true lovers

Commit your way to the Lord;
trust him, and he will act:
6 he will make it clear how the dawn
that you are fair,
and like the midday sun you’re innocent.

7 Rest in the Lord
and wait for him patiently;
don’t get upset about the success of others,
nor with those who devise evil.

When we are sick, we look for the doctor, when we need help with legal things, we look for the lawyer, but for everything that affects our spiritual life, we look for our Lord Jesus Christ, our God. He is the greatest doctor, the greatest lawyer, counselor, we can give our whole life to our Lord. If we do not give ourselves fully, we cannot reach the fullness of salvation.

The Lord knows everything about our difficulties, our yearnings, our sorrows, he sends help when we are lost in darkness, when we are sinking in the waters, when the fire wants to burn us.

The Lord calls us when, where and how he wants. Let’s put ourselves in your hands !!

The true worshiper gives his way to the Lord. He adores and praises God for his glory. Our god has prepared everything for us even before we were born. He knows our way, we often don’t. We don’t know what God wants from us. Our destiny is to seek the right ways, to praise and worship the Lord, to keep the commandments and to live in love and humility. Many people soften during the walk and stop halfway. Within the church, together with other Christians, with the support of pastors, we can achieve and grow even when we seem to be weakening.

Psalm 91 He will cover you with his feathers,
and under its wings you will find refuge;
his faithfulness will be your protective shield.
5 You will not fear the dread of the night,
nor the arrow that flies by day,
6 nor the sneaky moving plague
in the darkness,
nor the plague that devastates at noon.
7 Thousand may fall beside you,
ten thousand on your right,
but nothing will hit him.

We know who our God is – he is the one who is always by our side, protecting us, helping us !! He will do everything for us.

Happy are those who are not only concerned with organization, but are united as members of Christ’s body. Jesus is our good shepherd, he brings the flock together in time of danger, where there is unity, he will have salvation. Within the unit there is growth, there is prosperity. We know that God is faithful, we can always count on Him. We can give ourselves to Him fully without fear. By God’s mercy we will be saved. God is our standard, our brother, our father, he takes care of us. God always has an open hand to give. We must follow the example and also give – give to the poor, share with the miserable, not only with those we like. Giving to the poorest is giving to the Lord. This is the secret of true worshipers. With the help of the Holy Spirit we managed to reach our true destination, we will receive the salvation and glory of the Lord.

How many people have not yet heard the word of the Lord? There are thousands, – we are called to take the floor to those who suffer and do not yet know that our God is a God of love and goodness. Let us pray for strength to fulfill the will of God, let us pray and praise the Lord with all our hearts.