14:30   Begin and  devotion :   clergy Irani

14:40   Praises :  Diaconisa Tânia,  clergy Rosa

15:15    Salmon  – brother Murilo

16:00   offer : brother Ricardo, diaconisa Tânia

16:25   blessing and farewell

Jeremiah 29: 11-13

11I only know the plans I have for you: prosperity and not disgrace and a future full of hope. It is I, the Lord, who is speaking. 12Then you will call me and pray to me, and I will answer. 13You will seek me and find me, for you will seek me with all my heart.

Brothers, this afternoon God brings us a message that I consider “from father to son.” Rereading this passage of introduction, let’s see what themes could be brought to us by meditation in these words that come directly from God:

– ???

– ???

– ???

Many things come to mind, for the word of God is very rich. I still venture to say that there are possibilities that we can not even think of, since the wisdom of God is infinitely greater than ours.

So I bring another verse to help us:

Isaiah 40:31

2 My brothers, be happy when you experience all kinds of afflictions. 3 For you know that when your faith overcomes these trials, it produces perseverance. 4 May this perseverance be perfect in order that you may be mature and correct, failing in nothing!

Let’s do one more moment of reflection. Nothing right or wrong, as we have seen, the word of God is very rich. There is a secret in this passage that I want to highlight today. But first I want you to tell me what it could be:

– ???

– ???

– ???

There may be several. Let us remember that the theme today is “hope for the confident Christian.” Here God tells us to rejoice in our afflictions, for when we overcome these trials we will have perseverance. Right?


I will highlight here the secret:

“… when your faith overcomes these trials, it produces perseverance.”

See what a wonderful message! It is faith that must overcome trials and faith is, in fact, trust in God! And there is more, it is faith, trust in God, that produces perseverance.

And there’s even more! It is not any perseverance, it is perfect perseverance to be mature and correct! And does God want us to be mature and right to wait for Him to solve our problems?


Mature and correct so that we do not fail at all! That is, to act with the wisdom that God gives us!

Quanta thing in a few words. But I still have one question:

When will we receive this blessing of hope for trusting in God?

Hebrews 10: 35-36

35Therefore, do not lose heart, for it brings a great reward. You must have patience to do God’s will and receive what he promises.

When this letter was written, it was a time of very strong changes in religious concepts. Paul was attentive to the afflictions of the Hebrews and wanted to give them some teachings about resisting the temptation to deny Jesus to be accepted and acquitted again by the Jews.

Many times we also find ourselves in this way, with doubts:

“I pray, but God does not answer.

“I go to church, give tithes and offerings, but my finances do not improve.How many doubts brothers, how many ways the enemy uses to steal from us the trust in God! It is not easy to remain faithful in the face of so many attacks. We are weak in our faith, and God knows it. But He is perfect, and knowing our weaknesses, He also knows the blessings that each of us can bear, for He is our Father!

Galatians 4: 1

1I say this again: while a minor, the son who will inherit the father’s property is treated as a slave, even though he is, in fact, the owner of everything.

What does this mean?

As we reflect on this passage, let us remember that praise: “… when He is silent, that is why He is working!”

God always works brothers.

Either he works by blessing us with what we ask for, or he works to prepare us to receive what we ask for.

But we can be sure that He always works in blessing us with what we need!

Two passages from the Bible to support this “work” of waiting:

Proverbs 18:12

12 Before the ruin, the heart of man is boosted, and before honor goes humility.

Proverbs 30: 8-9

8 Do not let me lie and do not let me be rich or poor. Give me only the food I need to live. 9 For if I have more than I need, I can say that I need not you. And if I am poor, I can steal, and I will put your name to shame, O my God.

In the first part we have the warning: the proud heart is the heart whose owner is near ruin.

The second part is prayer asking God not to exaggerate in blessings, so that the blessed do not commit the sin of thinking that he does not need God, that is, he does not become proud.

The message here is clear brothers: if your blessing has not yet come, it is because God is preparing you to receive it!

Your blessing will come when you are ready to receive it!

To close and leave well recorded in our mind that hope is a blessing to the confident Christian:

1Corintions 15:58

58Therefore, my dear brothers, stand strong and steadfast. Keep busy in the work of the Lord, for you know that all your effort in this work always benefits.

I wish the Lord spoke to you today and brought you peace, just as He did to me in writing this message.

Thank you Father for your care and care. Thank you for respecting my weaknesses and preparing to receive your blessings with humility and gratitude. Amen.