05.11.2016 Knowing Jesus

The word of our Lord is the foundation for every christian, it is the nourishment of the soul, direction and consolation. Let us search for the reunion with our Lord reading the Bible – it is infilling and blessing.

Mark 12:24 For when they will rise from the dead, they neither marry, nor are given in marriage, but are like angels in heaven.
Jesus reminds us of our disability to know about the scriptures and the potency of God.

We long to know Jesus. We want to como to the unity in our believe, to be able to know the son of god, the perfect man, the true complete Corpus Christi.  We can reach it when we read the Bible and keep the words deap in our hearts.

The Bible had been written with the help of the Holy Spirit. Therefore our hearts can be animated, hold together with the unlimited love, enriched while knowing the mystery of Jesus Christ, where are hidden all the jewels of knowledge and awareness in a way that nowbody may misguide You with persuasive words.