ACD-kinderhilfe celebrates 7 years

The ACD-kinderhilfe organization is already 7 years old and 7 years of celebrating services at the VOLKSMISSION home Graz, Rosengasse Since the creation of the club, so far it has done a lot for the benefit of children from different regions.

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On Saturday, October 10, the community got together to  celebrate ACD’s 13 years of existence. A service was held to praise our Lord Jesus Christus, to thank Him for the blessings received during this period of struggle against hunger, illiteracy, lack of love for others in the poorest regions of Brazil (Northeast) and Africa (Guinea Bissau). In India, too, the poor received help through ACD-kinderhilfe.

The community met at the Volksmission in Graz and church members praised the Lord, the children also sang and Pastor Irani prepared food for the people present to eat together and celebrate in a pleasant atmosphere.