21.07.2017 Firmness

Where is Your faith anchored ? Faith is the only one that produces miracles. Faith is the assurance that everything we are longing fore will come to us, is waiting for us, and faith is also the proof that there are things in front of us that we are not able to see.

Matthew 7: 25 There came the rain, the rivers overflowed their banks, winds shaked the house and blanced it, but it did not decline because it was built on the rock.

Jesus speakes in Matth. 7 about the house build on sand and the other build on the rock. That is a parable showing us how the Lord is acting, and  especially, where we must be firmly established. We are the house of the Lord, we are the house of prayer, therefore we have to be anchored on the rock e stay firm and un attached when bad days are coming. To maintain firmness may seem very difficult when we are in dire staits, hardship and when we think that God is drawing apart us. We pray, cry  and beg, but there seems to be only silence. Everything is going wrong, but we can be sure that the help of the Holy Spirit is leading us every day. To understand the situation we are living in, we have to think over the construction of a new house.

Isaias 43: 18 -19  You must not think about what had happened in former times, do not think about what You had done before. Look, I am making everything new, I have begun long ago with this replacement, could it be, that You had not yet realized ? I am going to open a big road in the middle of the desert, and where only dry ground is now, I will let water run downhill. The more deep You are going to carve into the rock, the stronger Your basement will be, thatfore Your enemy will not be able to chop down Your House.  But dig into the rock is not easy, there   is need of a lot of strenght, resistance and endurance. We need to know the secret of the true prayer and neglect our egocentricity every day.

Juda 1: 20-22  But You, dear friends, have to build your lifes on the firm ground of the holy faith You have, e believe in the help of the Holy Spirit. Behold on practicing the love of our Lord and wait in hope for the Savior who will give you life in eternity.