06.07.2019 Unity of faith

Saturday, 06th of July, pastor Romualdo will speak about unity of faith,

sisters Mahité and  Regiane and deaconess Tania will praise the Lord.

We will celebrate the Holy Supper.

“They were constantly in prayer” … The mission is to persist, not to deviate, because then the Lord leads more and more people into our church. With our prayer, our example and the help of God, the church will grow. The Lord sends out his disciples, the Word, to spread the Good News, to tell everyone how good the Lord is. The Good News unites people, brings them together, makes a community emerge that helps one another, supports one another, and when there are problems, protects and promotes each individual with his talents and gifts. “Together we are strong” . , , Where the strength of the individual is insufficient, the power of community is needed. Common prayer is an important component of faith