Volksmission 16.12.2017

16 Dezember

The participants of the event can also pick out nice things of our bazaar that is exposed there. All money earned will be used for our school-project in Guiné-Bissau. Between other things there are nice boxes with Christmas-biscuits – each one of the boxes at the price of 10,00 (ten) Euros.


The feast of unity and faith was a fine event, many persons attended the call and came to listen to the lectures and sermons about the Bibel to strenghten their souls. They were also supplied with foodstuff to reinforce the body.




Children danced and sang to praise the Lord.



The oldest participant received a little gift to remember this extraordinary day.



At the end of this especial day the participants left with the conviction, that they  have to bring the love and mercy of our Lord to the persons they meet during their every day life to spread peace about our coldhearted world. Jesus is always coming towards everybody who has an open heart and good will.


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