1 Kings 17: 1-16  ( read all)

14 The Lord God of Israel has promised that your jar of flour won’t run out and your bottle of oil won’t dry up before he sends rain for the crops.”

15 The widow went home and did exactly what Elijah had told her. She and Elijah and her family had enough food for a long time. 16 The Lord kept the promise that his prophet Elijah had made, and she did not run out of flour or oil.

The Lord is faithful, the word of God is faithful. What God speaks or promises happens.

Elias said he was in the presence of the Lord. Nothing happens without the presence of God. Elias worked and waited for 3 years, believed in God’s word and was not disappointed.

We need to know what God wants with us, if everything goes wrong, the Lord will help us. He says: “Get up, move, do something to change your situation, I’ll help you!” The Lord helped Elias with food and drink, with the necessities of daily life. But what about the inner, spiritual needs? The word of God works for us, if we go into the wrong direction, we don’t see God’s help, we don’t hear his word. But he has prepared everything for us. Often we ask ourselves why are we here and not elsewhere? But nothing is casual in life, everything has its purpose and sense. If God led us to a certain place, it was to do a job there. Everyone must work and obey God in his own place. God wants us to grow in faith, love and hope. He puts us in a place and there we should put down roots, bring fruit, like a tree that grows, blossoms and bears fruit. As a worldly father wants his sons and daughters to be successful, to get ahead in life, to be happy, so our heavenly Father wants it too. He always tries to let us share in his kindness and good gifts ..

It is up to us to hear the word of God and obey His commandments so that we can go into the right direction God has intended for us. Those who do not know God’s Word have difficulty finding the direction that is predetermined for them. Some also refuse to hear the word of God, close their ears and consciously wander in the wrong direction. It’s a matter of personal choice.

Whoever listens to God’s word, accepts it and puts it into practice, knows that the Lord will stand by him always and everywhere, because the Lord is faithful, he keeps what he promises. Don’t worry, look at God, he’ll show you where to go. The Lord has protected you from the beginning, from the beginning you stand in his grace, you just have to want it and listen to him, be obedient.

The Lord is my shepherd, I will miss nothing.

Everything we need comes from God, believe in it !!

Elias believed even though he did not see. In the morning and in the evening the Lord gave him gifts for him and his people, everything that is needed comes from God, he is the Lord of all living things and of all matter.

Stand up and hope in the Lord!

When our spiritual life is empty, we need the Lord’s assistance to be filled with the Spirit. It fills our spiritual stores, just as it takes care of our physical well-being and fills our stores. The oil does not run out, the spring does not run dry when we are on the way to the Lord, hearing his voice and obeying his word. The Lord knows what we need. The Lord cared for his people in the desert for 40 years, why should he starve us ???

He sent his only son to save us, he loves us. Our faith is based on hope, on the hope of the Lord’s faithfulness so that we can set out on new shores, leave the old behind and find the way to eternal glory.