06.08.2016 REGRET

What is the significance of the word “regret ? Is it only the meaning that I am sad about what had happened? Is it the sorrow about a bad word, something that I had done and that did not come out the way I wanted?  – NO —  Regret in the meaning of the bible is completely different. It means the change of absence of god in our lifes to the presence of the Lord. When we really regret how Jesus wants us to do, we have to make a turn around of 180°. As one who went to the north till now is going to the south from now on. We are supposed to come from the absence of god,  or from the wrong way, to the direction towards Him. It means to have faith !!

We can read in various chapters in the bible about  regret. Read: Luce 15:3 and 7,  Isaias 30:15,  Matthew 3:11,  Acts of the Apostles 2:36 and 38. These are much more, but the important thing for You is to

R E G R E T  –  CHANGE YOUR LIFE – and You will be able to enjoy the love and grace of our Lord.