29.02.2020 Tentation and trials

Genesis 37

Joseph, the favorite among his brothers
37 Jacob lived in the land where his father was a stranger, in the land of Canaan.
2 This is the story of Jacob: Joseph was 17 when he looked after the cattle with his brothers, and he was a boy with the sons of Bilhas and Silpas, his father’s wives; and Joseph brought to their father what was said to be bad.
3 But Israel preferred Joseph to all his sons because he had received him at his age; and he had made him a brightly colored petticoat.
4 When his brothers saw that their father preferred him to all his brothers, they hated him and no longer wanted to greet him with the peace greeting.

Joseph was the preferred, he was a dreamer, whom his brothers hated more because of his dreams than only because of the greater love that the father had for him, the last born. But all the adversities he had suffered first because of his brothers, then as a slave and later from his master’s wife who wanted to seduce him, could not harm him.
He always trusted the gentleman who was with him in the dungeon.

Whom God imposes trials on man does not do it to humiliate him, but leads him through trials to His grace.
Those who want to come to God have to go through a process of purification. We will come out strengthened through various tests and come closer and closer to the Lord.

It can be compared to the process of growing a grain – it goes through various stages to reach its final destination – it is placed in the ground, germinates, changes to the plant that bears fruit, which is then ground. The bread is formed from the flour and used as food for the people.
People stand alone, they are always changing, do a lot of good and bad things. Suffers because of the children who do not develop as he would like, because of the spouse, the wife, who may not respect the Lord’s commandments, also turns away from the family.
Evil always wants to keep us from following the path of the Lord, everyone is tested in their own “desert”, in an everlasting process of change.
We cannot automatically come to God – now we are baptized, and that is already the ticket to the Kingdom of Heaven – no, we have to work out the Kingdom of Heaven, baptism is the ticket to the area on which our personal path is laid out from primeval times , We cross the valleys and climb the heights, always with a view of the Lord who awaits us at the end of the path. He expects us in the end and is always at our side to help us.
Malaquias 3: 2-3
2 But who will endure the day of his coming, and who will stand when he appears? Because it is like the fire of [silver] melting and like the lye of the washer.
3 He will sit and melt and clean the silver; he will purify Levi’s sons and purify them like gold and silver; then they will make offerings to the Lord in righteousness.

We should be prepared to withstand the Lord’s gaze if we can look into His face.
In our human life we ​​will suffer many wounds, while we are left to the process of purification, we will be processed like the ore from which the gold or silver will then be smelted – and that is painful.
Assuming the process of purification, we face the trials that we must solve so that we may ultimately see the face of God, by purifying the trial we will be allowed to come to the glory of God. Everything that is impure will melt in the fire until the precious metal remains. But we are never alone in this suffering if we trust in God, he is by our side.
Call the name of the Lord in your trial! He will help you !!
When people spoke badly of Jesus, spat at him, mocked him, he endured everything tacitly.
If we suffer, we should also suffer in silence. Our sins will be redeemed when we take the trouble.

Peter 4:12
2 Beloved Ones, do not let the test of fire that has arisen among you surprise you, as if something strange happened to you;

13 but to the extent that you share in the sufferings of Christ, rejoice, so that you can also rejoice in the revelation of His glory.
The temptation comes from the devil, the test comes from the Lord. Whom the Lord loves is disciplined, but he never leaves us alone.

Isaiah 43: 2
2 If you go through the water, I will be with you, and if through the streams they shall not drown you. When you walk through the fire, you should not be scorched, and the flame should not burn you.

It is a promise !! The Lord doesn’t leave us alone !!

With whom the Lord has a project, he checks. It is the transformation into a true son – daughter – of God.

We came naked from the womb of our mother, we divorced naked from the earth again. Let’s follow the Word of God !!

At James we can read:
3 Are any of you wronged [c]? He should pray! Is someone in good cheer? He should sing psalms!

14 Is any of you sick? He should have the elders of the community called to him; and they shall pray for him and anoint him with oil in the name of the Lord.
15 And the prayer of faith will save the sick, and the Lord will raise him up; and if he has committed sins, he will be forgiven.
16 Confess the transgressions to one another and pray for one another so that you may be healed! A righteous man’s prayer can do much if it is serious.
This is how Peter praised his god when he was in prison – and the chains were broken because he trusted in the Lord.

Lord, we love you and thank you for all the tests you send us, because they help us to receive your grace with a purified character.

We are often despised because we are God’s children, loved by Him. If they label us as dreamers – we will not be misled, we will stay on the path, the dream will come true.
No matter which test, which temptation you face, hold out!

The Lord is with you !!