Why are we in the world ??
1 Kings 6: 7
To this day, people study the Temple of God built by Solomon. We usually only hear “Temple of Solomon,” which refers to a monumental building that replaced the tent the Israelites carried in the desert to house the Ark of the Covenant.
Cedars from Lebanon were used to build the temple. But these trees were selected, cut into boards, shaped into specific pieces and then transported to work to be gently docked in the right place. So the stones were still processed in the quarries.
Brethren, here a brief account of how the works of the temple of God, erected by King Solomon, were: they were silent works, without noise and without disorder.
Man today is able to build large buildings. Large works of modern technology, no matter how developed, are loud works, with dust, dirt, etc. Some works, however, are very similar to Solomon’s method: Everything is prepared in front of the building, so that when this material is put into place everything fits perfectly larger adjustments are required. This type of work is usually quieter, more organized and cleaner.
And what does that have to do with today’s message?
Why are we in the world?
This is the question that we will examine today.
The temple was built from materials that were still made in quarries and forests.
Imagine the workers who prepared the stones and forests for the temple. Did they pick up a stone (or a tree), work the stone and only then decide if it served? Or did they choose a stone carefully and then carve what they needed on this stone? I think the second option makes more sense, since the work was very difficult to play later. Do you agree?
The world in which our body lives is the quarry of God. Here he chooses who is ready to serve in his temple.
Let us see what the word of God tells us:
1Peter 1:23
One verse, a lot of information. That’s the word of God. Notice brothers that Peter says “… reborn …”. Now those who have just been born need to learn, develop, that is, they are not ready! It means choosing God to prepare us and remembering our parallel with the chosen stone before it is worked on.

And this verse goes on to say that our rebirth (or God’s choice) is “… through the living and everlasting Word of God …”. It’s not that I’m beautiful, it’s not because I’ve done beautiful things. It is because God has chosen me! And it is he who knows the reason of his choice!
The following sentence should be remembered:
We do not change our habits to be saved, we change why we were saved!
Because we have been chosen, we are being worked on by Jesus Christ!
Jesus ordained baptism as a form of Christian creed. At baptism, the follower of Jesus confirms above all that he is ready and perfect. Right?
At baptism, we publicly confirm that we begin our journey with Christ. From there, Jesus will work in us, here in this world, in the quarry (or in the forest for those who prefer the tree) so that when we get to heaven, we will fit in perfectly with the work of his temple!
Sometimes we take time to realize that God is calling us. The world is trying to distract and deceive us. We hear things like, “If God has chosen you, you do not have to do anything, let it happen …” or “Enjoy the world, God forgives everything!” Is it
But this is not the case. I do not know the criterion for the selection of a stone, because I am neither craftsman nor builder. But we know that God has given man free will, so that he, God, can judge your heart by the free choice of man.

1 Samuel 16: 7
And that is the criterion of God: what is in our heart.
Remember also that a stone has no will, no conscience and no decision. If she was well born in the eyes of the artisan, she is selected. Already the people were blessed by God with their conscience. Although we were born “evil” in the eyes of the craftsman Jesus, we can choose to change and be born again in the Spirit, who is then chosen by him.
There is no doubt that Paul (who was Saul, the Christian persecutor) was chosen and saved by God. But let’s look at this account:
Romans 7: 21-25
So that’s my situation: in my thinking I serve the law of God, but in practice I serve the law of sin.
Paul, the great Bible missionary, tells us about his inner struggle and his need to do what is good to do what pleases God. He repeatedly fails this choice and this creates a conflict in his soul (heart), which  makes him unhappy. Brothers, we are all sinners, but Christian sinners are dissatisfied with sin because our hearts do not accept sin even though we practice it. And if Paul himself was saved by sin, he proves that God looks at our hearts, not at our sins.
If so, then it is a lie to say, “you do not have to do anything,” because we have to decide ourselves to follow Jesus and try not to sin. Say “enjoy the world” is wrong, but God says through Solomon in Kohelet 03:12 “enjoy life” (12) .Do understood that this life is all you can do is try to be happy and live your best. ).
This conflict, of which Paul reports, is exactly the sculptor that Jesus carves for us. Sometimes he has to “hit” harder and cut deeper, so we can shape ourselves better. And Paul still tells us this when he says, “Who will deliver me from this body that leads me to death? May God be glorified, for he will do this through our Lord Jesus Christ!”
Brothers, is this all so inventive? This story of stone (or tree), choice of God to be part of the temple, newborn, etc. Is this all hallucination? I ask you: Where do we Christians seek answers when we have doubts?
On Youtube!

In the  B I B L E !!
1Peter 2: 1-5
“Abandon” – means that although we have already decided, we still have to adapt to Christ.
“Be like newborn babies” – we have seen that we were born by the word of God and confirm that we have been chosen by Him.
“Grow” – confirms that we have grown because we have been chosen and not because we are already “adults” in the faith.
“Have you already found out yourself?” – counting their own experiences and decisions with Jesus.
“Come near him” – that is near Jesus. Give Jesus a chance to show you. Look for Jesus (in the Bible, for example).
“Verse 5” – summarizes our entire conversation!
Lord, once again I thank you for your Word, which enlightens us and calms us, renewing our hope one day to reflect on your glory in eternal life. Amen!