Social project in GUANAMBI


Social Project for Children and Teenagers – Discovering Talent through Music and Bible Principles.

ACD – Assoziation Christlicher Direktion Dear Sirs,

This project aims at the socio-cultural development of underprivileged children and adolescents without opportunities due to the low economic and social standard.
We want to take children and adolescents along the path of love through MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS for missionary training.
Beneficiaries will have the opportunity to develop their talents, totally changing the perspective of their lives.

We will direct them to the rescue of self-esteem to achieve a just and fraternal society.
Due to systemic poverty, compounded by lack of opportunity, few young people develop their precious talents.
With investments to purchase musical instruments, (according to the discriminatory budget attached) we will be convinced that many will be spared the ills of life where they will be far from involvement with crime and drugs. They will automatically have future prospects with opportunities for access to the professional market, thus improving the quality of life of every family community.
We can certify that these investments in underserved locations have caused significant changes in the ethical, social, family and financial life of families.
I clarify that our group already has a physical space, provided by our Church, which will house our young people for music preparation and talent formation classes.
Children the future of a nation!

Guanambi, August 9, 2019