Whoever loves Jesus follows Jesus! To follow Jesus is to dedicate your life to him, leaving behind the old sin-dominated life. To follow is to walk in the footsteps of Jesus, trying to be more like him and obeying his commandments.
Those who follow Jesus will face challenges. Following Jesus means being ready to change thoughts and attitudes to please Jesus. For many people, it also means giving up important things, such as home, career, or even the company of loved ones. But in the end the reward will be great.
Don’t give up on following Jesus!

John 12:26
Whoever serves me needs to follow me; and where I am, my servant will also be. Whoever serves me, my Father will honor him.

When we are in the church, we are connected between us, the Christians, and Christ, our Lord. personally and spiritually with the Holy Spirit. We declare the Lord’s great victory.

At the beginning of Christianity, there were disagreements between Paul and the followers of Diana’s temple.
A goldsmith in Ephesus, whose main occupation was to make “silver shrines for Diana”, At 19:24, that is, models of the temple of Diana or the statue of the goddess. This work brought “a great gain” to him and his fellow artisans, as these shrines found a ready sale among the countless thousands of people who came to this temple from all parts of Asia Minor. This trade was greatly threatened by the progress of the gospel and, therefore, Demetrius excited the merchants employed in the manufacture of these sanctuaries, and caused such a commotion that “the whole city was filled with confusion.”

Paul was not against Diana, Paul preached and wanted to win people over to hear Jesus’ words. Matrialism was not his concern.
When Paul preached until midnight, 7 On the first day of the week, the disciples gathered together to break bread, Paul, who was to leave the next day, spoke to them; and extended the practice until midnight. 8 There were many lights in the upper room where they were together. 9 And when a certain young man, by the name Eutychus, was seated at a window, he fell from the third floor, overcome by a deep sleep that came over him during Paul’s extensive speech; and was raised dead. 10 But Paul, going down, leaned over him and embraced him and said, Do not be disturbed, that his soul is in him. 11 And going up, and breaking bread, and eating, he still spoke to them widely until dawn; and so he left. 12 And they took the young man alive, and were little comforted. (Acts 20: 7-12)

Whoever wants to serve God, makes a choice, because no one is obliged to do this. It is your free choice.
That guy who was at the window, was between „inside“ and „outside“ – where are we? Inside or outside? On firm ground or in a position to get out ???
Who controls our schedule is Espirito Santo.
Get up !! Awake !! It is not time to sleep, it is not time to hesitate !!
Because the devil is alive 24 hours a day! But the angel of the Lord is at our side and ready to help. But we have to do our part!
We are gathered in our church to receive wine and bread – holy supper is the most important moment in our lives. In addition to the fact that we can live our Christian life anywhere – at work, in the family, on holidays, at leisure – it is very important to practice the Christian life together with our community in the church.

The Lord, we ask that our fellowship within the church be a life of mutual love and understanding.