Pride – sense of responsibility – truth

The light of the Christian should always reflect what is divine in him. However, the devil is always ready to tempt us to lead us away, to surprise us in our tiredness.
Pride is one of the most unfortunate qualities that a person can have, because he exalted himself above the others, made himself appear in the best light, humbled his neighbor in words and deeds.
In the community that is honestly and sincerely cared for in love, the Lord is among us.

Hebrews 10:25

25 by not leaving our own congregation, [a] as some of us do, but admonishing each other, all the more so as you see the day approaching!

It is the community that supports us in our endeavors as true Christians. Although you can pray at home alone and praise God; it is important to cultivate the community, to be part of the body of Christ, to exercise one’s talents in the community!

The root of all evil is arrogance, pride.

We pray: “Lord, what I have, what I am, I am through you, I have from you. I cannot boast of my children, a profitable profession, a beautiful house by my own strength – I have created everything through you! The Lord gave me everything I fought for, he is the source of my joys. Even if things have not always been fulfilled at the time when I longed for them – they have become reality – at the time that God has scheduled for them.
Some people think that they have achieved everything on their own, that they don’t need God anyway. Exuberant self-esteem is exactly what Satan is waiting for to win us over.
The proud does not want to be in the community, he thinks he is better than everyone else and does not need the community or God. And yet it is the community that gives us support, that raises us up when we are sad, that strengthens us when we become weak.

Whoever increases will be lowered … … This saying is always true!

The Lord does not want arrogant, proud people – he wants people to look with genuine joy at what they have accomplished.
The proud doesn’t take any advice, he thinks he knows everything himself best.
But honor is due solely to the Lord, our God.

Lord, I confess that I am not without you.

Ezekiel 28
15 You were perfectly in your ways from the day you were created until sin was found in you.
16 Through your many trades [a] your interior has been filled with sin and you have sinned. That is why I cast you away from the mountain of God [b] and you, protective cherub, wiped you from the middle of the fiery stones.
17 Your heart rose because of your beauty; you have your wisdom for yours

Spoiled for shine. So I threw you on the ground and made you a spectacle before the kings.
18 With your many misdeeds, through the injustice of your trade, [c] you have profaned your sanctuaries; then I let a fire go out from you, which consumed you, and I made you ashes on earth before the eyes of all who saw you.
19 All who know you among the peoples are horrified at you; you have become a horror and are gone forever!

Satan tries to be proud to destroy us, he wants to destroy us, to dissuade us from God.
However, the Christian should walk in humility, understanding towards others and in the love of God. If I have insulted someone, it goes without saying that you should forgive them, not to think that you were right anyway, the other person is guilty.
Pride destroys the community, marital relationships, friendly bonds, destroys families and, on a higher level, entire peoples.

Let us see the transformation of Saul to Paul: a blasphemy and – despised has become one who has humbly followed the Lord.

Often someone thinks that because he has a difficult degree, now knows a lot, and believes that he can do everything, he is also pleasing to God and stands above other people. If knowledge is not paired with understanding and love, it is worth nothing. Only the inspiration of the Holy Spirit allows us to experience the true knowledge essential for our life.

God intended to make Saul his FELS for his church.
“It is not me who lives, but God lives in me !!”

I want to serve the Lord who changes my life.

If we are not entitled to things, we have to face the consequences

Philippians 3: 7-9

7 But what I gained was what I took into account for the sake of Christ;
8 Yes, truly, I do everything for harm to the exceeding knowledge of Christ Jesus, my Lord, for which I have lost everything; and I take it for dirt to win Christ

9 and invented in him by not having my own righteousness that comes from the law, but by faith in Christ, righteousness from God by faith,
The Christian’s job is to be light in the dark.

Following advice is often painful for someone who thinks he is above everything, so it was difficult for the Aramaean Naeman to follow the advice to wash himself seven times in the Jordan to get rid of the leprosy. He tried to make excuses, but finally went and went into the Jordan 7 times.
See 2 Kings 5: 1-14
12 Aren’t the Abana and Parpar rivers in Damascus better than all the waters in Israel? Can’t I wash myself in it and get clean? And he turned away and angrily left.
13 Then his servants came to him and spoke to him, saying, My father, if the prophet had commanded you something great, would you not do it? How much more than when he said to you: wash yourself, you will be clean!
14 So he went down and went into the Jordan seven times, according to the word of the man of God; and his flesh became like the flesh of a young boy, and he became pure.
7 (seven) is a special number Leprosy is synonymous with guilt here.
The Lord wants us to ask for something seven times, several times, to pray for someone, to confess our guilt. The word of the Lord is clear – everything is fulfilled in the time that God has provided for it!