13th of August 2017 Indian-corn-celebration

Time has come to celebrate the abundance that our Lord gives us, providing His people with rich harvest of several goods. We will come together to praise the Lord and thank Him especially for the harvest of Indian-corn, in Styria called  KUKURUZ, MAIS  or  WOAZ.

Family Marbler will make the preparation for a beneficent feast, cooking the traditional Brazilian  FEIJOADA, a stew  cooked on the woodheated oven, with meat,  beans and several spices  as ingredients.

Come and join us to celebrate, eat, have fun together, sing and  praise to the Lord !!!

Clergy Irani Marbler is also  going to prepare  delicious cakes and sweets made of Indian-corn as  MANGUZÁ. PAMONHA,  and others.




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