06.01.2020 Epiphany

The expression “apparition” (Greek Epiphany, Germanized Epiphany) means here that through Jesus Christ the glory of God has appeared in the world. That is why this feast day is commemorated since the first Christian centuries of the birth of Christ, but also his baptism in the Jordan and his first miracle (wine miracle at the wedding in Cana). These are all events in which the divinity of Jesus begins to light up. The gospel of the day tells of how well-versed sages from the Orient look for the baby Jesus and find it after a detour: “They went into the house and saw the child and Maria, his mother, where they fell down and paid homage to him. Then they got their treasures and brought him gold, frankincense and myrrh as gifts. ” (Matthew 2:11)

The custom has become established among the people on HL.3 King’s Day as “star singers” to visit the people in their houses and to spread the good news that a new lord, a king, one who has come into this world but not from this world is, is among us. Everybody pays homage to the new king, who was born in a crib, poor, like most people on earth, but who brings salvation to everyone in his glory and power that comes from the Father, Almighty. It is not about who has this or that belief, the Messiah, the Savior, has become for all people who are of good will, obey his commandments, walk in his love, be they from Africa, America, Asia. People are asked, not their skin color, not their appearance, but what they wear in their hearts.
Anyone who records these “star singers” and receives the good news from them thanks them for this with a donation that is used in social projects in different parts of the world to help people find a “decent existence”.
We have been given free will to do or not do what we want. The Christian received the special grace through baptism to be a “child of God”. In this position, of course, it is the endeavor to use one’s free will to do good and to live according to our Lord’s commandments. But: “The will is great, but the meat is weak” – this popular saying is what we are struggling with. Evil surrounds and from all sides. The Holy Spirit is our anchor, to which we can hold on, with the help of which we gain the strength in prayer to defend ourselves against injustice, mistakes and all evil. We have to mobilize our forces again and again, because it is not easy for the Christian to resist worldly things. Let us pray and put ourselves under the umbrella of divine power, then with the grace and love of God we will attain eternal life. For us, Christ was born in poverty in the crib and endured suffering and death on the cross. We are all redeemed through Him who follow Him.