15.06.2019 Confidence

Relying solely on God
John 14: 1, 27
Trust in God is the only legitimate trust that can bring us closer to our Creator. This trust makes us receive the promised peace of Christ.
Today our theme is: Trust in God only
Before we begin to search the Bible for texts that support this statement, we need to motivate ourselves to cultivate that trust in our hearts.
Let’s do a little mental exercise: think of a list of our biggest challenges. In order not to be exhausting, please think of your 3 biggest problems to solve. Could it be?
1. Most difficult problem
2. Very difficult problem
3. Difficult problem
Now I ask you some questions about this list:
• Raise your hand thinking who knows today how to solve at least 1 of these 3.
• Raise your hand if you think you know how to solve 2 of these 3 today.
• Raise your hand if you think you know today how to solve all three problems.
Those who, like me, have at least one problem they can not solve, are already invited to trust in God. For those who already know how to solve these 3 of the list, I ask one more question:
• Did you know about these three problems a long time ago?
The term “good time” here means a reasonable time for you. My goal is to reflect on our wisdom compared to God. Maybe a better question would be:
• Do I know any problems that I will still face today?

Here I will let everyone reflect for themselves, but I will say: We have no idea of ​​tomorrow!
Proverbs 16: 1, 3
True trust in God comes into our hearts when we can explain that we are unable to care for ourselves or for those we love.
“Last week, Henry traveled to Italy with the school, and I entrusted him with the 3 teachers who accompanied him on this journey, I do not even know these people, I trusted God because I know that God prepared Henry for that Making decisions to make on this journey Michele is coming back from Brazil today Did I entrust the airplane pilots with a safe flight? I trust God that she will return to us in perfect condition. ”
I have brought these examples so that we can see that nothing is in our control.
One note fits here: Let us not confuse the idea that “nothing depends on us”:
Proverbs 21:21
Brothers, God created the whole world, He created us. Maybe today we are with so many events around and away from us. We have to be aware that God is nothing new. He is in control of everything.
If we forget that God is capable of anything, we enter into sin, we doubt our Creator. An old writer wrote:
“Those who can not silently leave their problems in the hands of God, but carry their own burden, are very tempted to use the wrong means to help themselves.”
Charles H. Spurgeon

This is not the case in the Bible, but it makes sense: by letting our suffering take over our thoughts, we can find ways to try to solve the problem by doing more damage. We must remember that in the face of doubt we should pray and ask God for wisdom. King Saul was an example of this behavior (see 1 Samuel 13: 8-15).
Now let’s look at the example of a man who has a heart according to the will of God, King David:
Psalm 138: 2-3
Here we see the declaration of the faithfulness of God and the recognition of the blessings already achieved. This is a practice of faith: always realize what God has already given us.
Psalm 138: 6-7
The confirmation of the sovereignty of God and his infinite goodness towards the humble. No matter who I am, no matter who you are, God always cares about those who recognize your power and declare you incapable.
Psalm 138: 8
In the last verse, in the last sentence, David makes his request. Note that David does not ask for anything specific (as we normally do), but even leaves it up to what will happen in God’s hands!
I want to emphasize this aspect of David’s prayer in a relaxed way. I think that sometimes God makes some jokes with us. We ask one thing and he gives another or gives what we ask, but in a very different way than we imagine:
Matthew 17:24, 27
Jesus could have taken a coin out of his pocket and given it to Peter, but he either wanted to remind Peter that he was a fisherman and that he should earn a living from fishing or even make a joke with Peter!
It is important to see that God does things the way he wants them, not the way we think they should be. He finds exits where we can not even see the walls! Trust in God!
Finally, let us highlight some passages from Paul’s Letter to the Romans. In chapter 8, from verse 18, Paul talks about future things about the universe and how God has shown us to care for us. I recommend reading this whole passage, but here I just want to highlight a few verses:

Romans 8:18
Paul was so convinced of God that he no longer cared about his sufferings.
Romans 8:25
We can rest in peace when we expect something from God. Let us know that everything that comes from God comes at the right time. Many management books teach that we should calm down before making an important decision. Paul told us that a long time ago …
Romans 8:28
Again, the statement that God (that is, everything) works perfectly for the one who loves God and then trusts him.
Romans 8:31
In this verse, a comment is omitted.
Romans 8:35
Let us remember: many of us have converted to Christ as adults. If God had provided for us before accepting his son Jesus, would he leave us now that we are Christians?
So let’s explain together. Please read with me:
Romans 8:38
Thank you, Lord, for this message of encouragement and trust in your power. May his name be ever venerated and praised by all that the Lord invokes to believe in Jesus!