2018 construction goes on

With the help of the donation from a group of Austrian people the construction could go ahead and Marieta sent a letter, thanking the group for help.

She wrote>                             AUPNE,

Associatiation Urandine of persons in special needs.

Street Deili Jose Fagundes, district Xavier – Nr. 93

Inscription legal: Nr.: 05.418.649/0001-40 URANDI, Bahia 46350 000


Praise onto the Lord for the wonders he gives to us.

Dear association ACD, whos duty is to  help children and joung persons .

The association AUPNE (assistance to disabled persons) wants to express sincere thank for the donation of 1.600,- Euros  clergy Irani  brougt us. As our associatiation works with disabled persons, especially blind ones, we are so happy to be able  tu use the money to continue our construction of the hause for our poor sisters and brothers in god. This persons get no help from the governement and we are the only one to help them. As You can see on the fotos we made on 26.01.2018 during the reunion with clergy Irani, the construction is well done till now, but a lot is to be made yet.

We do hope the ACD-association will help us to continue our work, we beg them humbly.

We need:  Plasterwork: 100 sacks of  cement – 550,00 EUR,  Windows and doors: 1.760,00 EUR, Electricity : 150,00 EUR, Painting: 8 buckets of colour : 380,00 EUR,  flooring: 1.175,00EUR, Water tubes and WC: 692,00 EUR, Wood for roof and tile: 1.500,00 EUR.

God bless You, dear persons from ACD, that You are with us in future.

Here are our contact-adresses:  Aupne.udi@hotmail.com

Telefon 0055-77-3256-2296

Banc-conto : Banco Bradesco, branch 5296, Konto 100 0000-9 Saving account

We hope so much to be attended,

Sincerely, Marieta, presidente

Aupne Urandi 2018a

Aupne Urandi 2018b