Claimants to the course for tailoring

Between all the claimants to the course for dressmakers were chosen these women to participate:

Juelce Jucelino de Jesus, Suraia Armando Cá, Quinta Cardoso, Robania Djú, Guida Almeida, Nazaré Panfon Uagna, Maitana Quade, Nhinte Ncanha, Janete Indi e Teresa Cabi. Making the course the persons will have the possibility to earn money and give a better life to their family. The selection was made because of the ability of handworking shown, and so the persons probably will make the course with success.

C-C 1     C-C 2

C-C 3     C-C 4

C-C 5     C-C 6

C-C 7     C-C 8

C-C 9     C-C 10

We beg the readers of this lines to make donations to continue the project. Please write “tailoring-project”.

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Fernando Gomes is looking after the sewing machines we need to begin with our project “sewing and making clothes”.


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