General Assembly – ACD – 26.10.2017

VOLKSMISSION, Rosengasse 16, 8020 Graz






1. Irani Marbler, president of ACD-kinderhilfe  welcomes the participants and thanks for the duty done during the last year.

2. S.V.Mikesch , 2. secretary, writes down the protocol.

3. Reading of last year´s protocol.

4. Guy Poron renounces to be 1st secretary in future, a new one has to be elected.

5. Accounting is expounded.

6. Budged for the next year

7. Voting (executive council)

presidente: Irani Marbler

vice pres. :  Rosa Villalba

1st secretary: Fatima

2nd secretary: Senta Verena Mikesch

1st treasurer:  Franz Marbler Jun.

2nd treasurer : Helwig Haid



8. Presidente Irani Marbler closes the assembly.