13.11.2021 The power of prayer

Nothing is more powerful than prayer for obtaining divine power, and nothing is more helpful for obtaining God’s goodwill.
Obedience to the commandments comes from prayer. Because there is nothing higher than the love of God.
Prayer without distraction is a symbol of God’s love in those who endure. But carelessness and distraction during our prayers indicate addiction to pleasure.
Those who effortlessly watch, persevere, and pray obviously receive the Holy Spirit as an act. But if you struggle with it and stick to your decision, you will get help quickly.
If you want to serve someone who loves to learn in a few words, show them prayer, correct faith, and patience in trials. Through these three virtues all other goods are obtained.
Escape temptation through patience and prayer. If you want to fight her without these virtues, she attacks you more and more.
Anything we can say or do without prayer later turns out to be dangerous or useless, and we are exposed to the facts without knowing it.
We must seek the inner house of Christ as the house of God and keep knocking in prayer (cf.Mt 7, 7) so that the Lord opens us – now or in our death – and does not tell us about the negligent: “I do not know where you are from ”(Lk 13:25). And we must not only ask and receive, but also preserve what has been given to us. Some lose what they received before.